Womans Work for Woman Its Place and Power
Fulminante Contre Les Calomniateurs La
Constitution and By-Laws of the Associate Alumni of the St Louis University
For You My Friend
Rules for Conducting Business in the Senate of the Confederate States of America
Daughters of the American Revolution Nabby Lee Ames Chapter Athens Ohio Year Book 1908-1909
RPonse A LExamen Pacifique Du Serment
Prospectus of the Shawmut Consolidated Mining and Milling Company of Esmeralda County State of Nevada November 1 1880 Offered by the Massachusetts Mining Investment Company Incorporated Under the Laws of the State of New Jersey Oct 21 1880 with a
de Colubri Natricis Generatione Commentatio Qua Orationem Ad Suscipiendum Munus Professoris Extraordinarii Medicinae Die V Julii 1834 Illustris Ictorum Ordinis Concessu in Auditorio Juridico
MLanges Exotico-Entomologiques Vol 20 24 Juillet 1916
Stock Brokers and the Wagering Contracts ACT in Massachusetts
Die Grosse Zeitfrage Der Amerik Politik Rede Des Carl Schurz in Wisconsin Gehalten in Der Verandah-Halle in St Louis Am 1 August 1860
Arrest Et RGlement Faict Au Conseil Touchant La Fonction Des Charges de Procureurs de Sa Majest Aux Bureaux Des Trsoriers de France Des Generalitez de Ce Royaume
Rede Bei Gelegenheit Der Dankesfeier Fr Die Von Franz Joseph I Verliehene Verfassung Gesprochen in Der Stadtpfarrkirche Zu Horn Am 18 Mrz 1849
Report of the Select Committee to Which Was Referred So Much of the Executive Message as Relates to the Assumption of State Debts by the General Government
Address of Hon Chauncey M DePew At the Laying of the Corner-Stone of the College Building Given by William H Vanderbilt to the College of Physicians and Surgeons April 24th 1886
Statistics of Manufactures Totals for the United States 1890
Night A Poetic Drama in One Act
The Crucible A Southerners Impression of Hampton
This Morning Poems
Millennial Star Vol 65 August 6 1903
Millennial Star Vol 68 December 20 1906
Public Services of Brevet Major-General John F Hartranft Union Candidate for Auditor General
Young Maids and Old China
The Old Glory Songster
Catholicity and Its Growth in Worcester
Minutes of the Thirtieth Annual Session of the New River Baptist Association Held with Unity Church October 13 14 15 and 16 1900
Spruce Cone and Bunchberry A Play about an Unpleasant Family Which Becomes Pleasant When the Camp Fire Spirit Enters the Home
One Day in a Babys Life
How Robin Hood Once Was a Wait A Miracle Play or Christmas Masque
The Poultryman and Pomologist Vol 1 February 1900
Proceedings on the Occasion of the Banquet to Celebrate the Seventy-First Anniversary of the Birth of General U S Grant At the Waldorf on Thursday April Twenty-Seventh 1893
The Loyalists Ammunition
A Citizen of No Mean City
Teachers Guide to the Museum The State Historical Society of Wisconsin
The Seventh Annual Sermon on Forefathers Day the Seventh Annual Sermon Preached Before the New England Society in the City of New York in All Souls Church 1906
Theodore Roosevelt
An Oration Delivered at the Request of Phoenix Lodge Chester County December 27 1827 Proving the Great Light of Masonry to Be from God
The House of God the Christians Home A Sermon Preached at the Consecration of St Michaels Chapel Quebec on Tuesday 16th September 1856
Perseus and Andromeda As It Is Performed at the Theatre Royal in Lincolns-Inn-Fields Adorned with Copper-Plates
Grundsitze Der Polizey Handlung Und Finanz Von Sonnenfels Zu Dem Leitfaden Des Politischen Studiums Volume 2
The Marine Decapod Crustacea of California With Special Reference to the Decapod Crustacea Collected by the United States Bureau of Fisheries Steamer Albatross in Connection with the Biological Survey of San Francisco Bay During the Years
Radium Vol 2 A Monthly Journal Devoted to the Chemistry Physics and Therapeutics of Radium and Other Radio-Active Substances February 1914
Gordos Los Disparate Cmico-L-Rico En Un Acto y En Prosa
The Palimpsest Volumes 1-2
The Life or Legend of Guadama the Buddha of the Burmese With Annotations the Ways to Neibban and Notice on the Phongyies or Burmese Monks
William Ripley Nichols A Memorial
House of Commons Papers Volume 15
Discorsi Parlamentari Di Silvio Spaventa Pubblicati Per Deliberazione Della Camera Dei Deputati
The Royal Navy A History from the Earliest Times to the Present Volume 4
Die Rechtsgeschifte Im Entwurf Eines Birgerlichen Gesetzbuches Fir Das Deutsche Reich Studien Kritiken Vorschlige Volume 1
Loughton in Essex
American Turkey Journal Vol 4 A Monthly Journal Dedicated to the Progress of the Turkey Industry August 1935
The Schoolmaster in Literature Containing Selections from the Writings of Ascham Moliire Fuller Rousseau Shenstone Cowper Goethe Pestalozzi Page Mitford Bronti Hughes Dickens Thackeray Irving George Eliot Eggleston Thompson and Oth
Souvenir Elijah Kellogg Church Harpswell Maine
File No 113 Tr from the French of imile Gaboriau
Report of Committee American Monthly Magazine Daughters of the American Revolution to Twentieth Continental Congress 1910
Papers by Command Volume 20
The Dramatic Works of Richard Brome Containing Fifteen Comedies Now First Collected in Three Volumes Five New Playes 1650 The English Moor or the Mock-Marriage the Lovesick Court or the Ambitious Politique 1658 the Wedding of the
Report of the Select Committee on Petitions from Willowmore as to Parliamentary Representation
The Theory and Practice of Modern Framed Structures Designed for the Use of Schools and for Engineers in Professional Practice Statically Indeterminate Structures and Secondary Stresses
Right of Secession the Impending Crisis Speech of William S Holman of Indiana on the State of the Union Delivered in the House of Representatives January 16 1861
Prosperity Under the Protective Policy Speech of Hon Henry M Teller of Colorado on the Presidents Message in the Senate of the United States Mar 15 1888
Speeches of Hon William Sulzer of New York in the House of Representative April 4 7 12 and May 7 1990
Cumorahs Southern Messenger Vol 18 June 1944
College Preparation and Success in Life
Exploraciones Zoolgicas Efectuadas En El Valle del Rio Naranjo En El Ao de 1893 Aves
Immense Gathering at the Cooper Institute
The Necessity for Improvement in the Present System of District School Supervision in Wisconsin
Annual Report of the Town Officers of the Town of Gilmanton Comprising Those of the Selectmen Collector Treasurer and Auditors for the Year Ending March 1st 1887
Speech of Hon J H Reagan of Texas In the Senate of the United States Thursday January 5 1888
Alexander Hamilton A Historical Study
School Law of the Territory of Washington Passed by the Legislative Assembly at Its Thirteenth Regular Session Begun and Held at the City of Olympia the Seat of Government on Monday Dec 4 1865
Labor on Behalf of the Autonomy of Central America November 1913
An Address Delivered Before the Union League in the 24th Ward of the City of Philadelphia At Its Opening Celebration May 9 1863
Problems of Peace and After-Peace
The German War Its Morals and Ends
Physical Training Treated from American and European Points of View
Texas Public Schools Standards and Activities of the Division of Supervision
Minutes of the 14th Annual Session of the Etowah Baptist Association Held with Macedonia Baptist Church Oct 8 9 and 10 97
The Relation of the University to Secondary Schools An Address Delivered at Berkeley Before the California Union on November 10 1898
Field Day at Higginsville
Women in Banking in the City of Minneapolis
The National Bureau of Education Its History Work and Limitations
Statement Governing Expenses Allotment and Rental of Rooms University Dining Halls University Bills Remission of Tuition Scholarships Ministerial and Charitable Funds in Princeton University
Catholic Unity
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Town Clerk and School Board of the Town of Groton For the Year Ending February 15 1915
Fonda del Potro La Pasillo En Un Acto y En Prosa
Truk Live-Bait Survey
A Study of the Influence of Cold Storage Temperatures Upon the Chemical Composition and Nutritive Value of Fish
Fifth Annual Catalogue of the Mississippi State Normal School at Holly Springs Mississippi For the Scholastic Year 1874-75
Pierre DuPont Comedie En Un Acte
Columbia Seminary Bulletin Vol 5 July 1912 Inauguration of President May 7th 1912
The War Problem of the United States Commencement Address
A Parallel Computer Implementation of the Ascend Descend Types of Vector Algorithms
The Wholesale Grocery Business in January 1921
Speech of Hon Henry Grider of KY on the Present Policy of the Administration Delivered in the House of Representatives June 2 1864
Endowed Schools Commission A Speech Delivered in the House of Lords by the Right Hon Earl Fortescue on Monday June 28 1875
Paul Kruger and the Transvaal Judiciary His Violations of the Constitution and His Destruction of the Independence of the High Court of Transvaal
Summary of Preliminary Vital Statistics for Maryland 1936
The Decay of a Stellar Magnetic Field
Billerica a Centennial Oration by the REV Elias Nason July 4 1876
Survival in the Network On the Persistence of Research Organizations in an Emerging Field
Pianta Facciata E Spaccato Des Nuovo Teatro Eretto in Bologna Nella Via Di Santo Stefano
Baltimores Railroad Problem 1917 Being a Report
Die Alkoholfrage Ein Vortrag
The Chicago Negro Business Men Women And Where They Are Located
Intermediate and Complex Ions V the Solubility Product and Activity of the Ions in Bi-Bivalent Salt A Dissertation Submitted to the Faculty of the Ogden Graduate School of Science in Candidacy for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy Department of Chemi
On Error Analysis in Arithmetic with Varying Relative Precision
When You and I Remember
Richard Osborn A Reminiscence
Report of the Special Committee on Accounting Terminology Annual Meeting Denver Colorado October 18-22 1909
Where Hudsons Voyage Ended an Inquiry Cohoes and the Origin of the Name
A Study of Soil Potassium
Valley Herald Vol 10 May 4 1871 June 1 1871
Prof Jinglejaws Exhibition Rehearsal An Entertainment in One Scene
Minutes of the Fifty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Evan Lutheran Synod Ministerium of North Carolina Convened at Wilmington N C on Thursday May 2nd 1861 With the Minutes of the Synodical Missionary Society Appended
The Effect of Heat on the Color Changes in the Skin of Anolis Carolinensis Cuv
Townsends 20th Century Catalogue 1927 Strawberries and How to Grow Them
On the Success of the British Arms a Congratulatory Ode Addressed to His Majesty
Proceedings of the Western Rail-Road Corporation January 21 1842
Report of the Select Committee Appointed by the House of Assembly to Take Into Consideration His Excellency the Governors Recommendation Concerning Immigration
Report 1915
Brassica Crosses A Lecture Delivered Before the Lincoln Society January 16th 1908
Weather Modification Operations in California October 1 1970-September 30 1971
Message of John P Van Ness Mayor of the City of Washington Respecting the Removal of the Collector of the Third and Fourth Wards
Memories of Lincoln
Fort Lincoln Cemetery Non-Sectarian Chartered Under the Laws of Maryland
Annual Reports of the President and Directors and the Chief Engineer and Superintendent of the Wilmington Weldon Rail Road Co With the Proceedings of the General Meeting of Stockholders November 11th 1868
The Voluntary Principle Not Recognized by the Primitive Church A Sermon Preached at the Re-Opening of the Parish Church of Saint Peters in the East Oxford on Sunday December 18 1836
Minutes of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Session of the Harmony Baptist Association Held at Edwardsville Alabama October 3 4 and 5 1891
Annual Report of the Town Officers of the Town of Barnstead Comprising Those of the Selectmen Collector Treasurer and School Committee for the Year Ending March 1 1885
Catalogue of the Nevada Mineral Exhibit Paris Exposition 1900 Through the Courtesy of the Southern Pacific Railway Co Under Direction of Yerington
Preliminary Impact Studies Skunk River Bridge on the Lincoln Highway Near Ames Iowa
Minutes of the Forty-Ninth Annual Session of the Baptist State Convention of Alabama Held at Montgomery Alabama November 10 11 12 and 13 1871
Study Outlines of Domestic Economy Course
The Free Homestead Vol 3 November 1865
Compositae Newsletter Vol 4 March 1977
Message of the Governor-General to the Third Philippine Legislature Manila October 16 1912
Progressive Reform The First Annual Report of the Hexham Anti-Tobacco Society Instituted October 7th 1841
Amended Charter of the Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road Company Passed by the General Assembly at the Session of 1852
Oration by Henry a Gildersleeve Delivered on the Battlefield of Gettysburg September 17th 1889 on the Occasion of the Dedication of the Monument Erected to the Memory of the Soldiers of the Dutchess County Regiment (150th New York Volunteer Infantry)
Arrow-Grass A New Stock-Poisoning Plant (Triglochin Maritima)
Computation of the Orbit of Planet (558) Submitted for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) to Vanderbilt University Nashville Tenn
Tests for Intelligence
The Historical Character of English Lyric
Periodic Physical Examination of Employes Its Economic and Social Value Address Delivered Before the National Association of Manufacturers May 26 1915
The Morning Ramble Or the Mountain Top
California Natures Paradise
The Medley
Lineage of John Joseph Henry Dr Stephens Chambers Henry Daniel Farrand Henry
Justificatory Quotations for the Reconstruction of Models of the Caravels Nina and Pinta and of the Ship Santa Maria From the Arte Nautica AI Tempi Di Colombo
Second Annual Inspectors Report on La Esmalta Plantation 1905
Some Formulas for the Products of E-Functions and Whittaker Functions
The Origin of the War Term No Mans Land as Applied to the World War
The Character of Victor Hugos Ruy Blas
Oration of Hon Rufus P Spalding With an Account of the Celebration of the Anniversary of the Battle of Lake Erie and Laying the Corner-Stone of the Monument Sept 10th 1859
Middle Age Threat or Promise
Decomposition and the Control of Errors in Decision Analytic Models
Address of the Hon Charles L Scott of California to His Constituents on the Constitutional Right of Secession
Was the Beginning Day of the Maya Month Numbered Zero (or Twenty) or One
Bobbie and the War
Inscriptions in the Early Gravestones on the Old New England Town Burying Ground Fairton
That Little Rogue Next Door
The Indifference of Jeremy A Play in One Act
A Primer on the Cultivation of Sugar Cane Elementos Sobre El Cultivo de la Caa Dulce En Filipinas
Nancy Hanks Lincoln A Sermon Delivered at All Souls Church Chicago February 8 1903
Christus Victor
A Brief of Calvin from Cornerstone to Capstone
Up-To-Date Anne
Report of the Geological Survey of Miami County Kansas
A Summary of the Law Relating to Pollution of Waters of Lakes and Streams
Economic and Social Position of Women in the Czechoslovak Republic
Anniversary Address Before the American Institute of the City of New-York At the Broadway Tabernacle October 20 1842 During the Fifteenth Annual Fair
Fundamentals of a Cost System for Manufacturers July 1 1916
Story of Christopher Columbus for Little Children
Compulsory Education
Minnesota State Institutions Under the Charge of State Board of Control 1921
Love and Tea A Comedy-Drama of Colonial Times in Two Acts
The Power and Duty of Congress In Respect to Suffrage
Cuba and the Cuba Railroad
Indirect Benefits of Sugar-Beet Culture Letter from and Data Prepared
School of Physical Education
The Attainment of Success Baccalaureate and Commencement Addresses
A Mothers Story
Nutritional Factors in the Growth of Certain Yeasts and Bacteria
Engineering Notes on Hawaii
The Establishment and Government of the District of Columbia
Some Chemical Relations of Lime-Sulphur Solution Lead Arsenate AMD Nicotine A Thesis
Minutes of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Session of the Shelby Baptist Association 1886
British Standard Specification for Starters for Electric Motors (Face-Plate Type) Suitable for Motors Not Ordinarily Requiring to Be Started More Than Twice Per Hour
Sugar Beet Investigation in 1899
Report and Resolutions Adopted by the Charleston Union Presbytery February 20th 1845
Per La Signora Agrippina Lopresti Parte Civile Nel Giudizio Di Concubinato Contro Giovanni Carfora E Vincenza Pepe
Feeding Farm Work Horses and Mules
Catalogue of the Works of the Late John Constable R A Comprising Pictures and Sketches in Oil Water Colour and Pencil Also a Collection of Fine Proofs by David Lucas After J Constable R A the Property of the Late Captain Constable Also the
Radcliffe College
A Catalogue of the Collection of Relics of Dr Edward Jenner
Sons of the Revolution in the State of Illinois 1908
Studies of Cerebral Function in Learning Vol 5 The Retention of Motor Habits After Destruction of the So-Called Motor Areas in Primates
2e Congrs International Contre LAbus Du Tabac Tenu Paris Du 20 Au 24 Aot 1900 Procs-Verbaux Sommaires
Eleventh Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Lebanon Valley College for the Collegiate Year 1876-77
Transactions of the Natural History Society of Glasgow (Including the Proceedings of the Society) Vol 5
Report on the Agriculture of Massachusetts 1841
The Future of the Dominion of Canada An Address Delivered Before the Canadian Club of New York 1877
Report by the Division of Franchises Upon the Application of the Merchants Refrigerating Company for a Franchise to Construct Maintain and Operate Conduits for Refrigeration Purposes in Certain Districts in the Borough of Manattan 1910
Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Illinois 1915
Geschichte Polens Vol 1
By-Laws of the Stock Growers Association of New Mexico
New Facts Relating to the Chatterton Family Gathered from Manuscript Entries in a History of the Bible Which Once Belonged to the Parents of Thomas Chatterton the Poet and from Parish Registers
Report of the Commissioner for 1893
Dr Johann Georg Krunitzs Okonomische-Encyklopadie Oder Allgemeines System Der Staats-Stadt-Haus-Und Landwirthschaft Und Der Kunstgeschichte in Alphabetischer Ordnung
Guerra a la Guerra Dolora DRAMatica
Proceedings of the Entomological Society of Washington V 49 50 1947 48
Summary of Meteorological Observations and Reports of Correspondents on Conditions of Agriculture Etc in the State
Florence Nightingale
Memorandum on the Establishment of a Factory for Impregnating Pine Sleepers from the North-West Himalaya with Metallic Salts
Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh 11
Systematic Pomology
A Thanksgiving Sermon Preached at the Great Synagogue on the Occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Victoria On Sunday June the 20th 1897
Report of the Commissioner of Agriculture 1872
Transactions 08
The American Journal of Psychiatry 1879-80 36
The Weekly Valley Herald Vol 23 April 1885
In the Court of Claims The New York Indians vs the United States No 17 861 Petition of Maud E Abrams and Other New York Indians
The Aquarium Vol 1 March 1913
An Appeal to the People of Massachusetts on the Texas Question
A Comparison Between Orator H and Orator P
The History of the House That Jack Built To Which Are Added the Tabby Cats Adventure and the Lame Pigeon
Sanctuary A Play in One Scene
The Queens Matrimonial Ladder a National Toy with Fourteen Step Scenes And Illustrations in Verse with Eighteen Other Cuts
Home Organization A Paper Read by Request at a Conference of Clerical and Lay Members and Friends of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts Held at Newcastle-On-Tyne on December 6th 1880
The Pet Show
Speech of Hon Willaim H Haywood of North Carolina on the Oregon Question Delivered in the Senate of the United States March 4 and 5 1846
The Character of an Independent Whig
Arguments in Favor of the Enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine Contained in His Annual Message in 1823 And Its Application to Our Relations with Our Sister Republic of Mexico in 1864
The Saint Paul Press Vol 4 June 1864
Reply of the KEuen Keae Shay An Association of Chinese Inhabitants of the City and Province of Canton for the Promotion of Abstinence from Opium to an Address from the Society for the Suppression of the Opium Trade
A Fairy Tale In Two Acts Taken from Shakespeare
Washington and Centinel X
Views in New England Theology No I the New England Theology Contrasted with the New Arminianism
The Humours of a Fair or Description of the Early Amusements in Life Embellished with Cuts
Thomas Jefferson An Address Before the Iroquois Club April 13th 1901
Introduction to Seneca Fiction Legends and Myths
Abraham Lincoln Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States Commandery of the State of Pennsylvania Memorial Meeting February 12 1908
Japanese Fairy Tale Series Vol 2 The Tongue Cut Sparrow
First Report of the Comstock Tunnel Company to the Share and Bondholders For Eleven Months Ending August 31 1890
An Epistle to C Churchill Author of the Rosciad
Minutes of the Sixty-Fourth Annual Session of the Cahaba Baptist Association Held with Pine Flat Baptist Church Perry County ALA October 14 15 1881
The Chances of Death and the Ministry of Health
Annals of the Hilton-McCurda Family
Robotics Research Technical Report Bird a High-Level Interpreter for Plotting Curves in Three Dimensions Using Ncar
Address of the Temperance Society of South Carolina to the Citizens of the State With an Appendix
Minutes of the Seventh Annual Session of the Conecuh Baptist Association Held with Baptist Church at Flomaton Escambia County ALA September 9th 10th and 11th 1893
Proceedings of the Nineteenth Annual Session of the Sulphur Springs Baptist Association Held with Springdale Church Jefferson County ALA September 25 26 and 27 1891
Proceedings of the Forty-Ninth Annual Session of the Union Baptist Association Held with Pleasant Grove Church Lamar Co ALA September 23rd 24th and 25th 1884
Daniel Webster
Brown University Under the Presidency of Asa Messer S T D LL D
Daytona and Its Suburbs Land of the Orange and the Vine the Halifax River and Halifax Country
Brutus A Monody to the Memory of Mr Bruce
Minutes of the Sixty-Fifth Annual Session of the North River Baptist Association Held with Union Grove Baptist Church Fayette County ALA September 23 24 and 25 1899
Second Pan American Scientific Congress Washington December 27 1915 January 8 1916
The Democratic Assault Upon Maines Industries Remarks of Hon Charles a Boutelle of Maine in the House of Representatives May 31 June 1 and 2 and July 9 1888
Minutes of the Fourth Annual Session of the Montgomery Baptist Association Held with Adams Street Church Mortgomery ALA Oct 31st Nov 1st 3D 1885
Defence of the Committee on Government Contracts Speech of Hon Henry L Dawes of Massachusetts Delivered in the U S House of Representatives
Communication from Major General Dix Relative to the Arrest of Hawley D Clapp Transmitted Legislature April 13 1864
Constitution of the Young Mens Christian Association of Columbia With an Introduction Embracing the Principal Points of an Address
Results of Seed Tests for 1935 Made for the State Department of Agriculture
Announcement of Postgraduate Courses for Dentists School of Dental and Oral Surgery of the Faculty of Medicine 1957-1958
Complete Roster of Colonel David Waterbury Jr s Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers The First Regiment of Infantry Responding to a Call for Volunteers for the Defence of New York City Against the British in the American Revolution
Report New York Interstate Bridge Commission Transmitted to the Legislature February 8 1907
Catalogue of the Officers and Students in Marietta College 1867-8
Discours Prononce Par Sonthonax Sur La Situation Actuelle de Saint-Domingue Sur Les Principaux Evenemens Qui Se Sont Passes Dans Cette Ile Depuis La Fin de Floreal an 4 Jusquen Messidor de LAn 5 de la Republique Seance Du 16 Pluviose an 6
Professor Pancoasts Valedictory Address to the Graduating Class of Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia Given in the Musical Fund Hall on the 10th Day of March 1865
Forage Performance Trials in New Hampshire
English in the High School
Can Roumanian Rule in East-Hungary Last
Lehre Von Den Augenkrankheiten ALS Leitfaden Zu Seinen OEffentlichen Vorlesungen Entworfen Vol 2 Welcher Die Lehre Don Lehre Von de Nachkrankheiten Der Augenent-Zundung Von Dem Grauen Und Schwarzen Staare Und Den UEdrigen in Diese Kategorien Nicht
A New Species of Odontostilbe (Teleostei Characidae) from the Uruguay Basin with Comments on the Diagnostic Characters of the Genus
Annual Report of the Financial Affairs of the Town of Easton N H For the Fiscal Year Ending February 14 1914
Annual Report of the Raleigh and Gaston Rail Road Company 1840
Trade in Cotton Futures Vol 7 January 1950
Contributions to the Flora of Iowa No VI
Catalogue of Taylor University for the Year Ending June 23 1892 With Prospectus for 1892-1893
Description of Bills Relating to the Tax Treatment of Mortgage Related and Other Asset Backed Securities (S 1959 and S 1978) and Environmental Zones (S 1839) Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Taxation and Debt Management of the Senate
Novena de Nra Sra del Rosario Cuya Milagrosa Imgen Se Venera En La Iglesia del Convento Grande de N P Sto Domingo
French Universal Exposition for 1867 To Open April 1 1867 Close October 31 1867 Official Correspondence on the Subject Published by the Department of State for the Information of Citizens of the United States Containing General Regulations Classi
Winning an Empire
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Highway Agent Auditor Town Clerk Librarian and Board of Education of the Town of Fremont For the Year Ending February 15 1897
Hablando Se Entiende La Gente Entremes Vol 18
A Letter to the Educational Endowments Commissioners (Scotland)
Catalogue of Paintings Statuary Etc Exhibited for the Benefit of Ladies North-Western Fair in Aid of the Chicago Branch of the U S Sanitary Commission for the Relief of Soldiers Opened Oct 27th 1863 in McVickars Theatre Building Madison St
Legume Damage by Tractors
The Correspondence of Lord Montague with General Moultrie 1781
Reports Selectmen and Treasurer of the Town of Chichester for the Year Ending March 1 1881
To the Officers of the Late War the Second of Independence The Following Proceedings Had in Reference to an Application to Congress
A Temple of American History The William L Clements Library
Analyses of Feeding-Stuffs Made for the State Board of Agriculture 1909
Systematic Studies of Darters of the Subgenus Catonotus (Percidae) with the Description of a New Species from the Lower Cumberland and Tennessee River Systems
Chaetognaths and Pteropods as Biological Indicators in the North Pacific
New Jersey at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition St Louis Mo April 30 to December 1 1904
Memoirs of Deceased Alumni of St Johns College Read by Appointment of the Association August 6th 1856
Annual Report of the Town Officers of Fitzwilliam N H For the Year Ending March 1 1880
Reports of the Officers of the An And N C R R Co To the Stockholders at Their 66th Annual Meeting Held at Morehead City N C Thursday August 5th 1920 and Proceedings of Last Meeting
Livestock Markets in New Hampshire
Federal-State Cooperative Snow Surveys and Water Supply Forecasts for Colorado River Platte River Arkansas River and Rio Grande Drainage Basins Issued February 1 1960
de Auri Tinctura Sive Auro Potabili Vero Quid Sit Et Quommodo Differat AB Auro Potabili Falso Et Sophistico Quomodo Spagyrice Praeparandum Et Quomodo in Medicin Usurpandum
Constitution and By-Laws of the Society of Sons of the Revolution in the State of West Virginia
Primary Election and Election Expense Laws Passed by Thirty-Second General Assembly
A Brief History of P H Ballings Original Oil Painting of General Ulysses S Grant in the Trenches Before Vicksburg And a Description of Jas Fagans Magnificent Etching
Reading Room and New Library With a Plan
Bye-Laws of the Board of Works for the Greenwich District
New Hydroxamic Acids Derived from Cyclopropane Carboxylic Acid Isobutyric Acid and Dibenzyl-Acetic Acid A Comparative Study of the Beckmann Rearrangement of Their Derivatives
Revolutionary Communism in the United States
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Auditors and Board of Education of the Town of Epsom Vol 8 For the Year Ending February 15 1902
Manifesto to the Nation by the Executive Power of the Republic of Panama on the 24th of August 1921 And Note of Protest to the Secretary of State of the United States of America by the Secretary of the Foreign Relations of Panama
Les Abeilles de la Seine
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Collector and School Board of the Town of Atkinson For the Year Ending March 1 1890
Proceedings of the Stockholders of the Raleigh and Gaston Railroad Co at Their Forty-Second Annual Meeting Held at Raleigh November 10th 1892 Also Annual Reports of President General Manager and Treasurer
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Collector Road Agents School Board and Free Public Library Trustees for the Town of South Hampton for the Year Ending February 15 1905 Together with the Vital Statistics of the Town for the Year 1904
Census of the City of New York Taken in April 1895
The Lincoln Grandchildren Jessie Lincoln Beckwith Johnson Randolph Excerpts from Newspapers and Other Sources
The Grange Its Origin Progress and Educational Purposes Read Before a Convention Called by the Commissioner of Agriculture January 23d 1883 to Consider the Subject of Agricultural Education
In Memoriam Charles Wesley Speers 1856 1920
Archiv Fir Entwicklungsmechanik Der Organismen Vol 26
Ohio University Bulletin Vol 18 December 1922
Juristisch-Medicinischer Commentar Der Neuen Kgl Bayerischen Kgl Preuiischen Und Kais Kgl iSterreich Vol 1 Strafgesetzgebung Fir Staatsanwilte Richter Vertheidiger Und Aerzte
Parliamentary Debates
Free Government in England and America Containing the Great Charter the Petition of Right the Bill of Rights the Federal Constitution
Pastoral Letter of the Rt REV James Vincent Cleary Bishop of Kingston to the REV Clergy of His Diocese on Catholic Education and Scotts Marmion Being a Summary of Three Sermons Preached by Him in St Marys Cathedral on the 1st 2nd and 5th of No
Horse-Shoe Robinson A Tale of the Tory Ascendency
The Face of the Deep A Devotional Commentary on the Apocalypse
Collinss Peerage of England Genealogical Biographical and Historical Volume 1
Historical Roll of Company D 8th Regiment New-York Heavy Artillery Originally 129th N Y Infantry
The Personal Life of David Livingstone
Michigan Historical Collections Volumes 1-15
The Widow
The Voice of the Lord A Sermon Preached in Christ Church Georgetown D C on the Sunday After the Late Melancholy Catastrophe on Board the U S Steam Ship Princeton
St Andrews College Review Vol 1 June 1901
The Herald of the Golden Age Vol 8 January 1903
Research on Strategic Groups Progress and Prognosis
Life and Military Services of Brevet-Major General Robert S Foster
The Dramatic Works of Gerhart Hauptmann Domestic Dramas The Reconcilliation Lonely Lives Colleague Crampton Michael Kramer
The Superintendency in the Early Scotch Church
Scale-Insects in New Mexico
Catalogue of the Library Barney Smith Esq Consisting of Nearly 3000 Volumes of Rare Curious and Valuable Works in English French Spanish Italian and Greek Many of Them London Editions Beautifully Bound and Enriched with Plates
First Biennial Report of the Eugenics Board of North Carolina July 1 1934 to June 30 1936
Anexion de Puerto-Rico a Los Estados Unidos de America La
Egyptian Cotton News Letter October 7 1925
How Congressmen Are Bribed The Colton Letters Declaration of Huntington That Congressmen Are for Sale
The Scope Vol 9 February 1937
The Ochterloney Family of Scotland and Boston in New England
Description of S 1426 (Small Business and Benefit Extension ACT) Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Private Retirement Plans and Oversight of the Internal Revenue Service of the Senate Committee on Finance on October 23 1987
Catalogue of the Tillotson Collegiate and Normal Institute Austin Texas
The Baptist Preacher Original Monthly August 1851
The Burns Almanac for 1897 A Hand-Book of Information Concerning the Scottish Poet
Present Law and Background Relating to Funding and Deductions for Defined Benefit Pension Plans Scheduled for a Joint Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and the Subcommittee on Social Security of the Committee on Ways and Means on June 24 1986
I Report of Organization II Constitution III List of Members
Sentinelle Garde a Vous! A J B Louvet
Frusta del Giacobinismo Per LIngresso Delle Truppe Imperiali in Brescia Poemetto Piacevole
Catalogue of a Collection of Works on Ritualism and Doctrinal Theology
The Labrador Mission Letters of the REV H P Disney and the REV A Gifford
Caroli Linnaei Entomologia Faunae Suecicae Descriptionibus Aucta Vol 4 DD Scopoli Geoffroy de Geer Fabricii Schrank c Speciebus Vel in Systemate Non Enumeratis Vel Nuperrime Detectis Vel Speciebus Galli Australis Locupletata Generum Specier
Report of the Committee on State and Municipal Taxation of the Chamber of Commerce of the State of New-York May 2D 1901
Description of Tax Bills (H R 2163 S 927 and S 1183) Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Taxation and Debt Management of the Committee on Finance on August 3 1983
Porting Scienti64257c Applications to the Nyu Ultracomputer
Pamphlets Catalogues of Various Small Libraries
The Preparation of Substituted Alpha Halogen Benzyl Benzoates and a Study of the Reactions of These Compounds
Resources of the North Cumberland Valley Vol 6 Comprising Parts of Whitley Knox Bell Harlan and Letcher Counties Part IV
La Prenostication de Maistre Albert Songecreux Bisscain Reimpression Fac Simile DApres LExemplaire Unique
Report of the Gettysburg Battle-Field Commission of New Jersey Constituted Under an Act of the Legislature Approved April 27th 1886 Dated December 7th 1886
History of the Philippine Policy
The Pyoneer Ov Simplifyd Speling Vol 4 Desember 1915
Remarks of Wilmot G Desaussure President on Offering the Regular Toast of the Day at the Anniversary Meeting 4th July 1884
The Schwinger Variational Method for Three Body Collisions
Speech of Mr Zollicoffer of Tennessee on the Nebraska and Kansas Bill Delivered in the House of Representatives May 9 1854
Me and the Dog
An Appeal for the Union! Letters of the Hon Thomas G Pratt and Hon James Alfred Pearce United States Senators to Their Constituents the People of Maryland And a Speech of James B Clay Esq Son of Henry Clay
Speech of Hon J B Foraker Before the Clearing House Association of Hamilton Ohio Thursday December 11 1913 (as Reported in the Cincinnati Commercial Tribune)
Minutes of the Thirty-Fifth Annual Session of the Tuskegee Baptist Association Held with the Church at Opelika ALA October 15 16 and 17 1880
Mineralogy of Southern India
An Exhibition of Oriental Rugs Lent by Residents of Rochester
Records of the Rise and Progress of the City of Ottawa From the Foundation of the Rideau Canal to the Present Time
Return of the Brave A Memorial Poem
The American Association for the Relief of the Misery of Battle Fields Letter of REV Henry W Bellows D D President to M J Henri Dunant Secretaire Du Comite Internationale de Secours Aux Militaires Blesses
Bow-String Bridge Ribs A Description of Ribs Prepared for a Bridge Over the Regents Canal London for the Blackwall Extension Railway
Speech of the Hon John Q Adams of Massachusetts on His Resolution for the Appointment of a Select Committee to Inquire Into the Causes of the Failure of the Fortification Bill at the Last Session of Congress Delivered Jan 22 1836
A Domain Decomposition Algorithm Based on a Change to a Hierarchical Basis
Minutes of the Eighty-Second Annual Session of the Cahaba Baptist Association Held with Centreville Baptist Church Centreville ALA September 19th and 20th 1900
Bulletin of the Syracuse Public Library November December 1908
The Merrow System of Crocheting Machinery and Methods for Finishing the Edges of Fabrics
Address of General A B R Sprague Grand Commander Department of Mass G A R Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Department in Worcester January 20 1869
A Letter to the Right Hon Henry Goulburn M P Chancellor of the Exchequer on the Field Garden or Cottage Allotment System As a Means for Alleviating the Distresses of the Poor Diminishing Poor Rates and County Rates Benefitting the Agriculturist
Memphis Mose War Correspondent A Minstrel Afterpiece
General Public School Laws Passed at the Regular Session of the Legislature 1911
Electrical Installation for Control of the Northern Squawfish
College Taxation Remarks of Charles W Eliot President of Harvard University Before the Joint Committee on Taxation Massachusetts Legislature March 13 1907
Report of the Executive Committee Presented at the Fourth Annual Convention of the Jewish Community (Kehillah) New York April 12 and 13 1913
Public and Special Acts Relating to Education Passed January Session 1903
Address of Dr A P Dostie Delivered Before the Republican Association of New Orleans May 9 1866
Eighth Biennial Report of the Bureau of Child and Animal Protection of the State of Montana Helena Montana 1915 1916
Minutes of the Eighth Annual Session of the Selma Baptist Association Held with Shiloh Church Dallas County Alabama August 5 6 and 7 1890
Winter-Run Chinook Salmon in the Sacramento River California with Notes on Water Temperature Requirements at Spawning
Field Investigations of Forage Poisoning in Cattle and Horses
Addresses of the Soldiers and Sailors State Central Committee to the Soldiers and Sailors of Pennsylvania in Favor of Grant and Colfax
The Scots Peerage Innermeath-Mar
An Illustrated Flora of the Pacific States Washington Oregon and California 2
A New Hebrew and English and English and Hebrew Lexicon to Which Is Appended a New Hebrew Grammar
A Dictionary of the Economic Products of India Volume 5
The Independent Volume 86
The Poetical Works of Alfred Tennyson Poet Laureate Etc Complete in One Volume
Forty-One Years in India From Subaltern to Commander-In-Chief Volume 2
College Teaching Studies in Methods of Teaching in the College
The British Chess Magazine Volume 11
The Land We Love Volume 3
Temple Bar
The Jewelers Circular and Horological Review Volume 37
Civil and Military List of Rhode Island 1647-1800 A List of All Officers Elected by the General Assembly from the Organization of the Legislative Government of the Colony to 1800 Comp from the Records by Joseph Jencks Smith
Documents Relative to the Colonial History of the State of New York Volume 11
The History of the Battles and Adventures of the British the Boers and the Zulus Etc in Southern Africa from the Time of Pharaoh Necho to 1888
Correspondence of John Fourth Duke of Bedford
Barbarorum Leges Antiquae Cum Notis Et Glossariis Etc Collegit Notis Et Animadversionibus Illustravit
Polygamy Or the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism Being a Full and Authentic History of Polygamy and the Mormon Sect from Its Origin to the Present Time with a Complete Analysis of Mormon Society and Theocracy and an Exposi of the Secret Rites and
Das Berg- Hitten- U Gewerbe-Wesen Des Regierungs-Bezirkes Arnsberg in Statistischer Darstellung Nebst Einer Hitten- U Gewerbe-Karte Des Rggs-Bezirks
The Dramatic Works and Poems of James Shirley Now First Collected The Grateful Servant the Traitor Loves Cruelty Love in a Maze the Bird in a Cage Hyde Park
The Grasses of Iowa Volume 1 Part 2
Preliminary Report of Insurance Companies Authorized to Do Business in South Carolina Showing Business Done in South Carolina During the Year Ending December 31 1905 with Figures for the Year 1904 for Purposes of Comparison
The Future of Science in America An Address Delivered on Founders Day February 1 1917
The Story of Tim Translated from the Russian
Proceedings of the Soldiers Sailors State Convention Held in Albany N Y April 17th and 18th 1866
The San Antonio Fact Book The Book That Tells You All about the Town That Folks Cant Do Without It Covers Everything Worth While and Puts on All the Santone Smile
Proceedings of the Twenty-Eighth Annual Session of the Sulphur Spring Missionary Baptist Association Held with Pisgah Church October 12 13 and 14 1900
Federal Laws Regulations and Rulings Affecting the Land-Grant Colleges of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts
Nuit Au SRail Une Comdie En Deux Actes MLe de Chant Reprsente Pour La Premire Fois Sur Le Thtre National Du Vaudeville Le 29 Janvier 1841
Orazione Funebre Detta Nella Chiesa Dei MM RR Pp Delloratorio Di S Filippo Neri Di Cortona Da Tommaso Coltelliniin Occasione Delle Solenni Esequie Celebrate Dal Popolo Di Detta Citt Al Cavaliere Marchese Giuseppe Benvenuto D Venuti La Mattina de
Commonwealth of Massachusetts Against the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations
The Territory of Colorado
Holiday Pleasure Tours to Washington D C Via Pennsylvania Railroad
Minutes of the Thirty-Fourth Annual Session of the Eufaula Baptist Association Held with Midway Baptist Church Bullock Co ALA Beginning Thursday October 20th 1887
Eleventh Annual Report of the State Entomologist of Montana 1914
The Work Outlined Letter of Jacob R Shipherd Secretary to O C Wheeler General Agent of the Pacific Department
War with the Imperial German Government April 4 1917 Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union and Ordered to Be Printed Report to Accompany H J Res 24
Law Concerning the Sanitary Examination to Be Executed by the Customs Translated from the Turkish Text
Report of the Jamestown Ter=centennial Commissionsession 1906 Made to the General Assembly at Its January Session 1906
Why the Early Inhabitants of Vermont Disclaimed the Jurisdiction of New York and Established an Independent Government An Address Delivered Before the New York Historical Society December 4th 1860
The Economic Value of the Bobwhite
Report of the Committee to Whom Was Referred on the 26th Ultimo the Consideration of the Expediency of Accepting from the State of Connecticut A Cession of Jurisdiction of the Territory West of Pennsylvania Commonly Called the Western Reserve of Conn
A Word Sketch of Fairmount Park
Notes on Buddhist Law Vol 8 Marriage and Divorce
The Flora of Canada
An Orthographical Vocabulary Showing Where the Final Consonant Should Be Repeated in Spelling the Past Tense and the Participles of English Verbs
Boundary Lines Between Indian Territory Oklahoma Arizona and Texas Report
An Account of the Habits Changes and Diseases of the Bombyx Mori or Common Silkworm
The Boston Post Road Programme of Fifth Annual Architectural Competition on Pages Fifteen and Sixteen
Hints to the Farmers of Rhode-Island By a Freeman
Speech of Hon Thomas J Rusk of Texas on the Boundaries of Texas Delivered in the Senate of the United States February 27 and 28 1850
At the Theatre A Monologue
Preliminary Thoughts on Ultracomputer Programming Style
The Mother of Lincoln
On Structured Singular Values
A Study of Chaos and Mixing in Rayleigh-Taylor and Richtmyer-Meshkov Unstable Interfaces
A Boys Recollection of the War
An Efficient String Matching Algorithm with K Differences for Nucleotide and Amino Acid Sequences
Documents Relating to the Boundary Line Between Maine and New Brunswick
The Government of the American Historical Association
California Wild Flowers Their Culture and Care A Treatise Describing Upwards of a Hundred Beautiful Species with a Few Notes on Their Habits and Characteristics
Minutes of the Forty-First Annual Session of the Pine Barren Baptist Association Held with Bethsaida Baptist Church Furman Wilcox Co ALA September 18 and 19 1890
Pan-American Exposition Buffalo 1901 May 1 to November 1
Minutes of the Fifty-Third Annual Session of the Central Baptist Association Held with the Good Hope Baptist Church Elmore County Alabama September 29th 30th and October 1st 1897
The Pioneer Ov Simplified Speling Vol 1 March 1912
Report of J P Siddall Draft Commissioner
Quelle Des Plutarch Im Leben Des Marcellus Die
Tenth and Eleventh Annual Reports of the State Board of Commissioners for the Insane of the State of Montana November 30th 1901 1902
The Ancient Monuments of North and South America
Elimination Bill Committee on Military Affairs United States Senate
The Connecticut Society of the Order of the Founders and Patriots of America Constitution and By-Laws
Viertes Programm Des Staedtischen Gymnasiums in Freienwalde A O Herausgegeben Ostern 1872 Ueber Einige Algebraische Curven Vierten Grades Schulnachrichten Vom Director
The Encouragement of Higher Education An Address by Herbert B Adams PHD Associate Professor of History in the Johns Hopkins University on Commemoration Day of the University February 22 1889
Numerical Computation of Hydrodynamic Flows Which Contain a Shock
Prospectus of Mattamuskeet Railway Company 1909
Alabama Girls Technical Institute Bulletin Vol 9 Summer School First Year June 5 to July 15 1916
Place Ventadour Vaudeville En Deux Actes
The Virtue of Simplicity A Sermon Preached in the Cathedral Church of Christ in Oxford on Sunday January 23 1898
Minutes of the Eight-First Annual Session of the Bethlehem Baptist Association Held with Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Monroe Co Alabama September 22 and 23 1897
Memoir of Samuel Stehman Haldeman LL D Professor of Comparative Philology in the University of Pennsylvania
Amnesty to Prisoners Since the Armistice Message from the President of the United States Transmitting in Response to a Senate Resolution of January 13 1920 a Communication from the Acting Secretary of State
The Cuban Revolt and the Constitution
Detroit Songs
Some Elements of Vital Statistics
Contrebatterie Et Responce a la Legende Des Iesvistes La Refutation de Toutes Ses Calomnies Et La Cognoissance de la Verit Sur Ce Subiect
Fishhook Gas Pool Pike and Adams Counties Illinois
Catalogue of the Library of the REV Dr Kirkland Containing Many Valuable Theological Classical and Scientific Books in the Greek Latin and English
Annual Report of the Selectmen and Treasurer For the Year Ending February 15 1916
Aquatic Vascular Plants of New England Vol 4 Juncaginaceae Scheuchzeriaceae Butomaceae Hydrocharitaceae
Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Ancient Modern Pictures and Water-Colour Drawings of Samuel Cartwright Esq Deceased Late of Old Burlington Street
The British Ministry and the Treaty of Fort Stanwix
The British Seamans Letter Addressd to the Free-Holders Voters and All the Good Subjects of Great Britain With Some Observations on the Suspending of the Triennial ACT From on Board the Sovereign April the 17th 1716
Noces DOr Du REV Messire Thomas Pepin Cur de Boucherville Vicaire Forain Et Chanoine Honoraire
Ecumenical Attitudes of the Supervisory Chaplain
The Profession of the Mechanical or Dynamical Engineer An Inaugural Address Before the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale College Delivered October 5 1870
Annual Reports of the Superintending School Committee Selectmen and Treasurer Of the Town of Fitzwilliam for the Year Ending March 1st 1872
Memoir of Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch Prepared Agreeably to a Resolution of the Massachusetts Historical Society
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Maryville College East Tennessee for the Academic Year 1875-76
Annual Report of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Dummer New Hampshire for the Year Ending February 15 1902 Together with Other Annual Reports and Papers Relating to the Affairs of the Town
Ley Reformada Relativa a Los Accidentes del Trabajo (10 de Enero de 1922)
Essay on the Currency or the Alterations in the Value of Money the Great Cause of the Distressed State of the Country With a Comparison Between the State of the Currency in the Reign of William III and Its Present Debased or Depreciated State
Differences in Dairy Products
Class of 1889 Rutgers College History to 1916
Essentials in American History (from the Discovery to the Present Day)
Jerusalem The Topography Economics and History from the Earliest Times to AD 70 Volume 1
Notes to the People
History of the Inductive Sciences From the Earliest to the Present Times Volume 2
Journal of the Medical Society of New Jersey Volume 12
Annual Report of the New Jersey State Museum
History of the Indian Navy (1613-1863)
History of the First Regiment Minnesota Volunteer Infantry 1861-1864
Northwest Medicine Volume 1
A History of the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Vincennes
Life and Letters of Dolly Madison
Origins of the English People and the English Language
New York Medical Journal Volume 104 Issues 1-13
Money Trust Investigation PT 23-29
Magna Carta A Commentary on the Great Charter of King John
Medices Legatus Sive de Exsilio Libri Duo Accessere Jo Pierius Valerianus Et Cornelius Tollius de Infelicitate Litteratorum
Life of Lorenzo demedici Called the Magnificent With a Memoir of the Author Ed by William Hazlitt Esqu [nebst Xerokopierte Ausschnitte Aus D Times Vom 12 13 Febr 1846 Das Umstrittene Copyright Dieser Ausg Betreffend]
Organic Chemistry for Advanced Students
History of the Great Northwest and Its Men of Progress A Select List of Biographical Sketches and Portraits of the Leaders in Business Professional and Official Life
Echoes from the Pulpit and Platform Or Living Truths for Head and Heart Illustrated by Upwards of Five Hundred Thrilling Anecdotes and Incidents Personal Experiences Touching Home Scenes and Stories of Tender Pathos Drawn from the Bright and
Processionale Romanum Responsoria Hymnos Antiphonas Aliaque in Supplicationibus Decantari Solita Complectens Uni Cum Orationibus Omnium Sanctorum Quos S D N Urbanus VIII Innocentius X Alexander VII Inter Coelites Adscripserunt50 Nova
Report of the Special Committee of the New York Yacht Club Relative to Certain Charges Made by the Earl of Dunraven Concerning the Recent Match for the Americas Cup
Lehrbuch Des Gesammten Heutigen Gemeinen Deutschen Privatrechts Volume 2
Journal of the African Society Volume 11
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte Volume 2
Geschichte Des Churfirstlichen Amtes Hohnstein Mit Bohmen
The Buccaneers of America
Discussions in History and Theology
Miscellaneous Essays Miscellaneous Essays by H T Colebrooke a New Ed with Notes by E B Cowell
An Autobiography the Story of the Lords Dealings with Mrs Amanda Smith the Colored Evangelist Containing an Account of Her Life Work of Faith and Her Travels in America England Ireland Scotland India and Africa as an Independent
A History of the Rise and Progress of the Arts of Design in the United States Volume 3
Remains of Lost Empires Sketches of the Ruins of Palmyra Nineveh Babylon and Persepolis with Some Notes on India and the Cashmerian Himalayas
History of Cass County Michigan
Shannon Genealogy Genealogical Record and Memorials of One Branch of the Shannon Family in America
History of the United States of America 1861-1865 the Civil War
Principles of the History of Language
Our Railways Their Origin Development Incident and Romance Volume 2
Caroli a Linni Species Plantarum Exhibentes Plantas Rite Cognitas Ad Genera Relatas Cum Differentiis Specificis Nominibus Trivialibus Synonymis Selectis Locis Natalibus Secundum Systema Sexuale Digestas Volume 4
The Mother of Christ Or the Blessed Virgin Mary in Catholic Tradition Theology and Devotion
Grand Rapids and Kent County Michigan Historical Account of Their Progress from First Settlement to the Present Time Volume 1
Cantarium Sancti Galli Rimischer Choralgesang Der St Gallischen Stiftskirche Nebst Ein Geschichtl Einleitung iber Den Chorgesang Im Kloster St Gallen
British Pharmacopoeia Volume 4
An Honest and Friendly Address to Persons of All Ranks and Conditions in a Manner Hitherto Unattempted Which (Instead of Enumerating Our Vices and Places of Diversion) Points Out the Source Strikes at the Root of the Load of Calamities Follies and I
Conservation of Food The Public Services of Herbert C Hoover Speech of Hon James D Phelan of California in the Senate of the United States July 16 1917
Some of the Providential Lessons of 1861 How to Meet the Events of 1862 Two Discourses Preached December 29th 1861 and January 5th 1862
Catholic State Waggon Vol 6
Louisiana Conservationist Vol 40 March-April 1988
Gods Hand in Affliction the Ground of Support A Sermon Preached at the Funeral of Mrs Caroline A Hunt Westboro March 13 1846
Anecdotes for Our Soldiers
Antidote to West-Indian Sketches Drawn from Authentic Sources No VI Observations on the Ameliorated Condition of the Negroes in the British West India Colonies C
The Christian Soldier A Sermon Commemorative of the Death of Abram C Carrington
The Love Chase A Comedy in Five Acts
A Letter from a Member of Parliament to the Freeholders in His County on the Present State of the Nation
Common Sense on the Color Problem
An Answer to a Letter from a Gentleman in the Country Relating to the Present Ministry and Men in Employments
A Sermon Delivered at the Meeting House of the Second Parish in Portland August 20 1812 On the Occasion of the National Fast
A Discourse Before the General Assembly of South Carolina on December 10 1863 Appointed by the Legislature as a Day of Fasting Humiliation and Prayer
The Warrant and Duty of Sinners to Believe the Gospel From a Sermon by Ebenezer Erskine with Illustrations from the Other Sermons of the Same Author
A Sermon Preached Before the Ancient and Honourable Artillery Company in Boston June 6 1796 Being the Anniversary of Their Election of Officers
Democracy the Basis for World-Order
Oration Delivered Before the Adelphic Union Society of Williams College on the Evening Preceding the Commencement Sept 5 1826
The Wisdom of Crop the Conjurer Exemplified in Several Characters of Good and Bad Boys with an Impartial Account of the Celebrated Tom Trot Who Rode Before All the Boys in the Kingdom Till He Arrived at the Top of the Hill Called Learning
Before Honour Is Humility A Story for the Young
Address to the New Generation Washington and Lincoln February 12 and 22 1888
The Dial of the Old South Clock Vol 9 December 5 1877
The Blessed Dead Waiting for Us A Sermon Preached in St James Church Marietta Georgia on the Festival of All Saints November 1st 1863
Souvenir of Meadowvale Old Home Rally Held Under the Auspices of the Womens Institute on the Public School Grounds August 30th 1922
A Review of Dio Lewis Objections to Prohibitory Liquor Laws On the Ground of the Restriction of Personal Liberty
Father Marquette
Ordinances and Resolutions Passed by the State Convention of the People of Florida Begun and Held in the City of Tallahassee January 3 1861
Memories of School Days
Illustrated Catalogue and Price List of Our New Designs of Frames Specially Manufactured for Our Crayon Portraits
Message of Henry Lloyd Governor of Maryland to the General Assembly At Its Regular Session January 1888
A Letter to the Reverend Mr G Logan A M One of the Ministers of Edinburgh
School Exhibits
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 4 April 1922
Commission on National Historical Publications
Report in Relation to Agreement with Flathead and Other Indians 1883
Ancestor Hon Robert Means and Descendants With Index to the Names
Union Document Report of the Majority of the Select Committee Appointed to Investigate the Charges Made Against T C Callicot Member of Assembly from the Fifth District of Kings County
Minutes of the Committee of Council on Education in August and December 1846 Supplementary Official Letters March 1847 The Leeds Deputation Upon Education Extracted from The Times March 20 1847
Proceedings of the Sixty-First Annual Session of the Union Baptist Association Held with Kennedy Baptist Church Lamar County ALA September 1 2 and 3 1896
Address to the People of North Carolina
Records That Counsel and Protect Modern Business Talk No 41 (with Volume 21)
Jacksons LL D A Tempest in a Tea-Pot
Some Legal Questions of the Peace Conference Address
The Invoice and Taxes of the Town of Hancock New Hampshire Taken April 1st 1919
A Plan for Improving the Quality of Milk and Cream Furnished to New Hampshire Creameries
Stanzas Inscribed to the REV William Mason M a As a Testimony of Esteem and Friendship
A Campaign Story The Superb Soldiers Horse Which My Uncle Did Not Buy with Reason Why
Automatic Exploitation of Concurrency in C Is It Really So Hard
Manual Training for the Grades College of Education
The Life and Character of Governor Alexander Martin
Suggestions for Primary Work in Reading and Numbers
The Evolution and Significance of the Census
A Statement of the Facultys Reasons for Its Proposals Relating to the Reduction of the College Course
On the Aniline or Coal Tar Colours
Speech of Hon C C Clay Jr of Alabama on the Contest in Kansas and the Plans and Purposes of Black Republicanism Delivered in the United States Senate April 21 1856
Agricultural Experiment Station of the Louisiana State University and A M College Baton Rouge Japanese Persimmons
Through the Wilderness to Richmond A Paper Read Before the Ohio Commandery of the Loyal Legion of the United States
A Statement of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Town of Chester for the Year 1849-50
Minutes of the Forty-Third Annual Session of the Tuskegee Baptist Association Held with the Church at Salem ALA October 17 18 and 19 1888
A Simple Portable Instrument for the Absolute Measurement of Reflection and Transmission Factors
A E F Photos of Camp Life French Life and Places of Interest in France
The Teachers Bulletin Vol 2 A Monthly Publication of the University of Incinnati A Course of Study in Elementary English Part I Grades 1-3 May 1906
Impolicy of an Excess of Silver Coinage Remarks of Justin S Morrill of Vermont in the Senate of the United States January 20 1886 on the Resolution of Mr Beck of December 18 1885
Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Maryland 1887
Kurze Nachrichten Von Den Verrichtungen Des Deutsch Und Englischen Lutherischen Synods Fur Nord-Carolina Und Angranzenden Staaten Gehalten an Der Buffaloe-Creek-Kirche Den 25 April 1819
Two South American Gypsy Songs with Violin Obbligato La Montonera and La Zambulidora
Eigenvalues of Compound Matrices
Alabama Girls Technical Institute Bulletin 1913 Vol 26 Agriculture for Secondary Schools
Inaugural Address of Andrew G Pierce Mayor to the City Council of New Bedford Delivered Before the Two Branches in Convention January 6 1868
Report of the Board of Regents of Normal Schools To the Governor of the State of Oregon 1909
Copy of a Correspondence Between Governor Thomas of Maryland and Governor Tazewell of Virginia In Relation to the Unsettled Divisional Boundary Lines Between the Two States
Minutes of the Thirteenth Annual Session of the Troy Association
Minutes of the Thirty-Sixth Annual Session of the Boiling Spring Baptist Association Held with Mount Olive Church Clay County ALA September 24 25 and 26 1895
A Physiological Basis for the Shorter Working Day for Women
The Year of Sorrow Written in the Spring of 1803
State of New Hamsphire A Report Submitted to the Governor and Council
Scientific Abstracting Vol 21
Sketch of the Bradleys in Washington A Paper Read Before the Columbia Historical Society Tuesday May 13th 1902
Remarks of John M Read One of the Deputation from the General Town Meeting of the Citizens of the City of Philadelphia Held January 16 1830 Relative to the Termination of the Columbia and Philadelphia Rail Road Before the Committee on Inland Navigat
Furniture Beetles Their Life-History and How to Check or Prevent the Damage Caused by the Worm
Christopher Morley His History Done by Divers Hands Together with a List of Works by This Author Thus Modestly Offered to Your Attention
Report of the Selectmen Auditors Overseers of the Poor and Superintending School Committee of the Town of Derry For the Year Ending March 1864
Memorial and Petition of Janet M Baldwin To Hon Thomas F Bayard Secretary of State
Minutes of the Sixty-Seventh Annual Session of the Tuscaloosa Baptist Association Held with Hopewell Church Tuscaloosa County ALA October 4th 5th and 6th 1899
Report of Mr Henry Hughes of Mississippi Read Before the Southern Convention at Vicksburg May 10 1859 on the Subject of the African Apprentice System
Report of W H Gist Chief of the Department of Construction and Manufacture to His Excellancy Governor Pickens
Our Heritage A Community of Early American Homes Churches Places
Washcloth Simulation of Three-Dimensional Weather Forecasting Codes Vol 55
Robotics Report Technical Report Solving Jigsaw Puzzles Using Computer Vision
Marshalls Gold Discovery A Lecture (the Fourth of the Sixth Annual Course of Lick Lectures) Delivered Before the Society of California Pioneers in Pioneer Hall San Francisco on the 24th of January 1893 the 45th Anniversary of the Discovery
The Selective Reflection of Salts of Carbonic and Other Oxygen Acids
Minutes of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Session of the Tuskegee Baptist Association Held with the Church at Seale ALA October 13th 14th and 15th 1882
John Hopkins University Circulars Vol 12 February 1893
Transliteration of Slavonic Report of the Committee Appointed to Draw Up a Practical Scheme for the Transliteration Into English of Words and Names Belonging to Russian and Other Slavonic Languages
Liming the Soil
Temperance a Christian Duty Abstinence a Matter of Christian Liberty
A New Plan for Street Railways
Early Red River Culture
On the Diffusion of a Conducting Fluid Across a Magnetic Field
Mr Giles Speech in the Senate of the United States on the Resolution Offered by Mr Hillhouse to Repeal the Several Acts Laying an Embargo December 2 1808
The Miami Conservancy Bulletin Vol 1 November 1918
Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury Transmitting Information of the Progress That Has Been Made Under the Act of Congress of the 3D March 1817 Entitled An ACT to Set Apart and Dispose of Certain Public Lands for the Encouragement of the Cultiva
The Twenty-Seventh Secretarys Report of the Class of 1866 of Harvard College June 1928
Tables of the Principal Speeds Occurring in Mechanical Engineering Expressed in Metres in a Second
The Efficiency of Some Protective Adaptations in Securing Insects from Birds
The First Year and a Look Ahead What the National Popular Government League Did in 1914 What Should Be Done in 1915 Report to the Second National Conference on Popular Government at the Willard Hotel Washington D C January 4th and 5th 1915
Reconstruction Speech of Hon Wm M Stewart of Nevada Delivered in the Senate of the United States February 3D 1868
Subject-Matter Index of Patents for Inventions Made for the Convenience of Subscribers September 1871
Practical Suggestions in Dairy and Creamery Management Diary Laws of Iowa
Class of 1863 of Harvard College Memoirs April 1915 to April 1916
The Parallel Complexity of Deadlock Detection
Amendments to the General School Laws at the Session of the Legislature 1891
The Ornamentation in Beethovens Pianoforte-Works
Cutworms Wireworms and White Grubs
Report of the Select Committee Appointed to Visit the Line of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad West of Dam No 6
Polen Und Seine Helden Im Letzten Freiheitskampfe Vol 1 Nebst Einem Kurzen Abriss Der Polnischen Geschichte Seit Ihrem Beginne Bis Zum Jahre 1830
Market Gardeners Seed Catalogue and Price List Spring 1931
Nouveau Dictionnaire de Poche Franiais-Anglais Et Anglais-Franiais Vol 2
Some Textual Notes on the Tragedie of Anthony and Cleopatra With Other Shakespeare Memoranda
Atti Della Reale Accademia Di Scienze Morali E Politiche Di Napoli 1883 Vol 17
The Biltmore New York John McE Bowman President Vanderbilt and Madison Avenues 43rd and 44th Streets
Mittelniederdeutsches Worterbuch Vol 1 A-E
A Study of the Effect of Adsorbed Gas on the High-Frequency Resistance of Copper Wire A Thesis
A List of Washington Memorial Medals
Wahrheit Vol 3 Die Halbmonatschrift Zur Vertiefung in Die Fragen Und Aufgaben Des Menschenlebens Oktober 1894-Marz 1895
Allhallows Barking and the Memorial to William Penn
Description of Tax Bills Relating to Incentives for Savings and Investment Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Savings Pensions and Investment Policy of the Committee on Finance on May 4 1981
Nuptial Ode on the Marriage of His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales
Autumn Catalogue of Bulbs and Small Fruits 1889
Clero Argentino de 1810 A 1830 Vol 1 El Oraciones Patrioticas
Nature Study and Agriculture Course For Country School
The Colonies and India in London Read Before the Literary and Scientific Society of Ottawa 5th April 1887
Towers Bulwarks Strong Places
Directory of Reliable Talent 1905-6 For Mens Clubs Womens Club Mixed Clubs Lecture Courses Chautauquas Schools Academies Christian Associations
Speech of Hon H F Clark of New York Upon the Subject of the Admission of Kansas as a State Under the Lecompton Constitution Delivered in the House of Representatives March 24 1858
!antes Honra Que Barcos! Tributo DRAMatico En Un Acto y En Verso
Ortografia Enciclopedica Universale Della Lingua Italiana Vol 1 Parte Prima A-C
Gartenflora 1895 Vol 44 Zeitschrift Fur Garten-Und Blumenkunde Organ Des Vereins Zur Befoerderung Des Gartenbaues in Den Preussischen Staaten
Saugetiere Vol 1 Die Kloakentiere Beuteltiere Insektenfresser Flattertiere Erdferkel Schuppentiere Xenarthra
Alfalfa or Lucern (Medicago Sativa L) Its Culture Use and Value
John Brown in Canada A Monograph
Shelley on Blasphemy Being His Letter to Lord Ellenborough Occasioned by the Sentence Which He Passed on Mr D I Eaton as Publisher of the Third Part of Paines Age of Reason
Indians of Southern California
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Road Agent and School Board for the Town of Bridgewater For the Year Ending February 15 1900
A Ministers Farewell Being a Sermon Preached in St Pauls Church Montreal on the Evening of Sabbath 25th September 1864
Annales Ecclesiastici Vol 12
Les Merveilles de LIndustrie Ou Description Des Principales Industries Modernes Industries Chimiques
Davids Grief for the Death of Absalom a Type of Gods Feeling for Sinners A Sermon Preached by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury Before the Church Penitentiary Association at St Jamess Church Piccadilly on Thursday April 23 1857
The Management of Eczema
Les Cent Nouvelles Nouvelles Vol 5
Compulsory Education Extract from the Report of the Board of Public Charities of the State of Pennsylvania for 1871
Plains Forester Vol 5 June 1940
Report of the State Board of Examiners as a Capitol Commission to the Eleventh Legislative Assembly in Special Session December 27 1909
Men on Mission Spring 1998
Two Notable Public Documents of General Castro President of Venezuela
Catalogue of Private Library of the Late Isaac Craig Esq of Allegheny Pa Consisting Mostly of Americana Local History Etc
Description of Tax Bills S 639 S 702 and S 738 Scheduled for a Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Taxation and Debt Management of the Committee on Finance on May 8 1981
Historical Sketch of the Canadian Club Movement
Louisiana State Summer Schools for Teachers Preparing for First Second and Third Grade Certificates Nine Weeks Natchitoches May 30 to July 30 1910 Ruston May 30 to July 30 1910 Lafayette June 6 to August 6 1910
Fauna Malacologica de Espana Portugal y Las Baleares Moluscos Testaceos Marinos
Third Biennial Message of Governor Benj F Potts to the Legislative Assembly of Montana Territory Ninth Session 1876
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Union University During the Term 1849-50
The Farmer Restored or the Landed Interest Preserved Most Humbly Offered to the Consideration of the Right Honourable House of Commons
Description of S 1713 Relating to Income Tax Treatment of Sales of Farmland Development Rights to a State or Local Government Under a Qualified Farmland Preservation Program
Facts about Tennessee Her Exhibits at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition St Louis 1904
Thomas Wentworth Higginson
The Historic Policy of the United States as to Annexation A Paper Read Before the American Historical Association at Chicago July 13 1893
Estimating Ponderosa Pine Fuel Moisture Using National Fire-Danger Rating Moisture Values
Foreign Crops and Markets Vol 74 January 7 1957
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Road Agent and School Board of the Town of Bridgewater For the Year Ending February 15 1904
Normal Herald Vol 30 February 1924
Zu Horaz Zweitem Literaturbrief
An Historical Sketch of Madison University Hamilton N y
Supplementary Catalogue of Books Scarboro Public Library 1906
Soil Improvement for the Worn Hill Lands of Illinois With Special Reference to Southern Illinois
Tithes A Paper Read at the Diocesan Conference at Rochester May 31 1883
Catalogue and Course of Studies of William and Mary College Williamsburg Va For the Sessions 1855-56 and 1856-57
A Blight on Boston How Shall It Be Removed
Operating Expenses in Retail Drug Stores in 1919
Some Common Lady Beetles of Connecticut Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station New Haven Conn
Catalogue of the Modern Pictures of Lady Lycett Deceased Late of Cambridge Gate Regents Park (Sold by Order of Executors) Also the Collection of Thomas Colls Esq of Beaconwood Barnt Green Worcester and Pictures from Different Sources Also Scul
Organized Business Knowledge
Address of Colonel John Screven Delivered at the First Annual Dinner of the Sons of the Revolution on February 8 1892 at Savannah Georgia
Sketch Of the History and the Present Organization of Brown University
Educational Changes in Russia
Chicago City Directory Supplement May 1856
Merlin and Arthur
Encyclopdie MThodique Vol 6 Botanique
Fading of Radio Waves Scattered by Dielectric Turbulence
The Choice Collection of the Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson Formed by Professor Albert E Jack of Late Forest University Ill Including Among the Choicer Items the Poems by Two Brothers First Editions of the Poems
The Impiety and Absurdity of Duelling A Sermon Preached in St Peters Church Charleston on the 9th Day of June 1844
Decline of American Shipping Its Causes and Remedy
A Memorial to the General Assembly from the Committee Appointed for That Purpose by the Internal Improvement Convention Held at Springfield Missouri in October 1846
Papers Read Before the Lancaster County Historical Society Friday February 6 1920 Vol 24 The Old Pequea Presbyterian Graveyard Minutes of the February Meeting
Exercises in Connection with the Unveiling of the David Ames Tablet May 18 1917
Quantitative Experiments in Radiotelegraphic Transmission
Open Access in Public Libraries Exposed Being a Reply to Mr H Keatley Moores Paper in the Library
The Gray Absolute Electrodynamometer
Determination of the Output Characteristics of Electron Tube Generators
Equivalence and Reduction of Pairs of Hermitian Forms A Dissertation
The Stillwater Messenger Vol 7 December 23 1862
In Memoriam Charles Dean Bunker 1870-1948
Samuel Bradford Fales
Alphabetical List of the Streets in the City of Philadelphia Giving the Location of Each Street Court Lane and Alley in the City Vol 9 With an Index Giving the Old and New Names
Moral Instruction in the Public Schools Through the Story
A Brief Sketch of a Lecture Delivered Before the Essex Institute May 12 1856 Respecting the Founders of Salem and the First Church
Report of the Canadian Arctic Expedition 1913-18 Crustacea Part A Decapod Crustaceans
The Maximum Number of Ways to Stab N Convex Non-Intersecting Objects in the Plane 2n-2
Iron from the Ohio Mounds A Review of the Statements and Misconceptions of Two Writers of Over Sixty Years Ago
Cause and Removal of Certain Heterogeneities in Glass
The Composition of the Maple SAP
A Sermon Delivered at the Consecration to the Episcopacy of the Right REV Wm Meade DD Assistant Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the State of Virginia In St James Church in the City of Philadelphia on the 19th Day of August 1829
Hiker Traffic on and Near the Habitat of Robbins Cinquefoil an Endangered Plant Species
Use and Conservation of Natural Gas Especially Adapted for Use in Schools
Brief Genealogies of the Tyler Taft Wood Bates and Hill Families Ancestors of Newell Tyler and Wife
Feeding Experiments
Department of the Potomac Womans Relief Corps Washington D C
The Absorption Coefficient of Solutions of Cobalt Chloride in Water and Various Alcohols for Monochromatic Radiation Dissertation Submitted to the Board of University Studies of the Johns Hopkins University in Conformity with the Requirements for the Deg
A Key to the Families of Marine Fishes of the West Coast
Historic Address At the Dedication of the Masonic Apartments in Somerville October 4 1888
Examinations as Tests for Promotion
Further Studies on Green or Offcolor Condition in Precooked Yellowfin Tuna
The Relation of the National Government to Public Education An Address Delivered Before the National Teachers Association at Cleveland Ohio Aug 17 1870
Introductory Lecture on Medical Jurisprudence Delivered in the Theatre of the Royal Dublin Society on Saturday the 16th November 1839
The Fountain In Memory of Francis Davis Millet Archibald Willingham Butt
Contribution to the Hydrological Treatment of Brights Diseases
The Order of Washington Organized 1895 Chartered June 11 1908
Continuous Time Stopping Games
The Covenant of Third Church of Christ in Salem With the Rules of Government and a List of Members
Additional Notes of a Discussion of Tidal Observations Made in Connection with the Coast Survey at Cat Island Louisiana
The Ante-Bellum University Oration Delivered at the Celebration of the Centennial of the University of North Carolina June 5th 1895
Passage of Adult Salmon and Trout Through Pipes
Letters to an Editor
Minutes of the Thirty-Sixth Annual Session of the Unity Baptist Association Held with Big Spring Church Autauga Co ALA Wednesday and Thursday Oct 1 and 2 1890
Illustrated Editions of Childrens Books A Selected List
Religious Manuscripts Old and New
Presented to the Library of the University of Toronto The Estate of the Late Hugh Hornby Langton
History of the First Presbyterian Church of Ewing New Jersey The Substance of a Discourse
Addresses at the Installation of John Casper Branner LL D Vol 24 As President of the University Wednesday October 1 1913
Minutes of the Fifty-Seventh Annual Session of the North River Baptist Association Held with Liberty Grove Church Walker Country ALA Septembre 26-27-28 1891
Report of the Secretary of Virginia Military Records to the Governor of Virginia 1909
Good Mornin Judge A Minstrel Afterpiece
Tourists Guide to the Great Falls of the Potomac Via the Chesapeake Ohio Canal Reminiscences
Waste of Fuel in Manufacturing Establishments As Illustrated by the Results of Engineering Tests
Jones South Caroliniana Out of Interest in the History of South Carolina
Our Minor Naval Wars
A Sermon Preached in the Presbyterian Church Tatamagouche N S on October 31 1909 at the Close of a Ministry of Forty-Nine Years in That Congregation
Minutes of the Thirty-Third Anniversary of the Cahawba Baptist Association (ALA) 1850
The Funny Little Food Folks
Lord George Sackvilles Vindication of Himself in a Letter to Colonel Fitzroy One of the AIDS de Camp to Prince Ferdinand With Colonel Fitzroys Answer And the Declaration of Captain Smith One of the AIDS de Camp to Lord George Containing a Full and
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Union University for the Collegiate Year 1850-51
Minutes of the Forty-First Annual Session of the Warrior River Baptist Association 1899
The Prevention of Waste of Oil and Gas from Flowing Wells in California With a Discussion of Special Methods Used by J A Pollard
District Affairs
Kate Wetherill An Earth Comedy
Birds-Eye Views of Slavery in Missouri
A Shade Tree Guide
The Early Physicians of Vineland N J
St Marks Sixtieth Anniversary 1850-1910 A Discourse Delivered in St Marks Church Brooklyn Sunday December 18 1910
The Falls of Niagara and Their Retrograde Movement
Childrens Teeth A Community Responsibility
Prints And Their Production Supplement
Federalism Unmasked or the Rights of the States the Congress the Executive and the People Vindicated Against the Encroachments of the Judiciary Prompted by the Modern Apostate Democracy Being a Compilation from the Writings and Speeches of the Lead
Speech of Hon Justin S Morrill of Vermont In the Senate of the United States April 26 1876
Course of Study in Italian
Speech of R E Scott of Fauquier On Certain Resolutions Touching the Action of Congress on the Subject of Slavery
Notes on the Flora of Connecticut
Supplement to Laws Relating to Elections Containing Laws Enacted by the General Court During the Session of 1908
Evils and Remedies in the Administration of the Criminal Law Address Delivered Before the American Academy of Political and Social Science at Philadelphia on April 9th 1910
Thermalization of a Fast Ion in a Plasma
The Business of Mining
The Art of Issuing a College Annual Modern-Business Methods for the Manager 1918
The U F A Vol 1 November 15 1922
Some Constitutional Aspects of Territorial Expansion
Biennial Report of St Johns College Annapolis MD to the General Assembly of Maryland January 10th 1878
Report of the Joint Select Committee on Common School Monies 1839
Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the N Y Vol 1 State Agricultural Society Albany February 11 1864
History of the Woodbine Colony
Reports of Select Committees of the Senate On Slavery and the Condition of Kansas And on the Outrage on the Freedom of Debate in Congress
The World Economic Situation
Education at the Centennial Extracts from the Proceedings of the Department of Superintendence of the National Educational Association at Its Meeting in Washington January 27 and 28 1875
Report of the Tree Protection Examining Board And Miscellaneous Notes
Eulogy on the REV Joseph McKean D D LL D Boylston Professor of Rhetorick and Oratory Delivered Before the University Cambridge April 22 1818
Minimum Quality Standards Fixed Costs and Competition April 1991
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Highway Agents Auditors Board of Education and Library Trustees of the Town of Newington N H for the Year Ending Feb 15 1903
Message of His Excellency Levi Lincoln Transmitted to Both Branches of the Legislature January 7 1829
Twenty-Sixth Annual Meeting of the Stockholders and Reports of the Officers of the North Carolina Railroad Co Held in Greensboro N C July 8th 1875
Journal of the Sixth Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Illinois Held in the Chapel of Jubilee College on the Seventh and Eighth of June 1841
The Drawing of the Sword A Pageant for the Present Hour
Minutes of the Thirty-Ninth Session of the Holston Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church South Held in Athens Tennessee October 15-23 1862
The Municipal University
The Silver Question How the Measure of Value Is Changed An Address at the Annual Interstate Meeting of Farmers at Williams Grove Pa August 29 1890
Second Annual Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Lebanon Valley College for the Collegiate Year 1867-68
Internal Oral Features in Hyla Regilla (Anura Hylidae) Larvae an Ontogenetic Study
Persecution Or the Attempt to Suppress Freedom of Speech in Chicago
Her Soldier Dead and Other Verse
The Income Tax Opinions of Hon John K Shields Hon Cordell Hull and Thurlow M Gordon on the Proposed Income-Tax Provision of the Pending Tariff Bill
Report of the Trustees of State Lunatic Hospital December 1833
Specification for the Preservative Treatment of Wood with Creosote Oil Full-Cell Process
Geschichte Der Mineralogie Von 1650-1860
Antonii Van Dale Poliatri Harlemensis de Oraculis Veterum Ethnicorum Dissertationes Duae Quarum Nunc Prior Agit de Eorum Origine Atque Auctoribus Secunda de Ipsorum Duratione Et Interitu Editio Secunda Plurimum Adaucta Cui de Novo Accedunt Dissertatiu
Homo Sum Being a Letter to an Anti-Suffragist from an Anthropologist
Foreign Crops and Markets Vol 79 For Release Monday August 17 1959
Speech of Hon George W Hendee of Vermont In the House of Representatives July 1 1876
International Decade of Ocean Exploration A Report by the National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development Executive Office of the President May 1968
Specialized Grazing Systems Their Place in Range Management
Constitution and By-Laws of the Medal of Honor Legion of the United States of America
The Disproportion of Taxation in Pittsburgh
Report of the Committee on Claims Upon the Accounts of D Claude Treasurer From the 1st of Dec 1851 to 24th of Feb 1852
A Study of the Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids Occurring in Fish Oils
Forti64257cations and Their Armament Speech of Hon Joseph N Dolph of Oregon in the Senate of the United States Wednesday July 28 1886
Annual Report of the Selectmen Treasurer Collector and School Board of the Town of Atkinson for the Year Ending March 1 1892
Trois Lettres Sur Des Monnaies Bystatines Peu Connues Ou Inedites
An Ordinance Organizing and Establishing Patrols for the Police of Slaves in the Parish of St Landry
A Public Building Group Plan for St Louis The City Plan Commission St Louis Missouri
Documents Diplomatiques 1898 Negociations Pour La Paix Entre LEspagne Et Les Etats-Unis
Memoir of Charles Henry Dalton
The San Jos Scale-Insect Its Appearance and Spread in Connecticut
Law of Weights and Measures of November 16th 1895 and Regulations of the Same
Report of the Committee on Co-Operation of the New York State Food Investigating Commission April 18 1913
Minutes of the Forty-Fifth Annual Session of the Eufaula Baptist Association Held with Midway Baptist Church Midway ALA Beginning Tuesday Oct 18 1898
Esequie Della Serenissima Elisabetta Carlotta DOrleans Duchessa Vedova Di Lorena Fatte Celebrare in Firenze Dalla R del Serenissimo Francesco III Duca Di Lorena E Di Bar Granduca Di Toscana C
The Order of Washington Organized 1895 Chartered June 11 1906
Jesus College Oxford and Cowbridge School Remarks on a Letter to H Hussey Vivian Esq M P
Proceedings of Stockholders of North Carolina Railroad Company Fifty-Fifth Annual Meeting Greensboro N C July 13th 1905
Manual of the First Congregational Church and Society of Ravenswood Illinois 1876
Der Stern Vol 48 Zeitschrift Der Kirche Jesu Christi Der Heiligen Der Letzten Tage 1 Januar 1916
Barnyard Manure Its Value and Uses
Infant Stimulation A Pamphlet for Parents of Multiply-Handicapped Children
Proceedings of the Evangelical Lutheran Synod and Ministerium of North Carolina and Adjacent Parts Convened on Friday the 24th of September 1841 at St Peters Church Wythe County and Continued on the 25th 27th and 28th
Equipment and Rooms for Home Economics Departments
Annual Report of the Attorney-General for the Year 1883
Minutes of the Thirty-Third Annual Session of the Unity Baptist Association Held with Plantersville Baptist Church Dallas Co ALA Thursday and Friday Sept 15th and 16th 1887
Flisfls Juguete Cmico En Un Acto y En Prosa
Orazione Funerale Di Girolamo Lanfredini Canonico Fiorentino in Morte Della Regina Isabella Di Spagna
Annual Report of the Selectmen Treasurer and Board of Education of the Town of Nottingham N H for the Year Ending March 1 1887
Eine Drillingsmisbildung Der Taenia Saginata Nebst Einer Tafel Inaugural-Dissertation Zur Erlangung Der Doctorwrde Der Medicinischen Facultt Zu Kiel
Presidential Address on a Natural History Survey of Michigan Ann Arbor April 1 1898
Plant Food and Prosperity Address Delivered Before the National Farmers Congress in Convention at Plano III September 25 1913
Mental Status of Rural School Children Report of Preliminary Sanitary Survey Made in New Castle County Delaware with a Description of the Tests Employed
The Blessing and the Teaching of Labour A Sermon Preached in St Thomas Church on the Occasion of the Annual Harvest Home Festival in Connection with the Parishes of St George and St Thomas Clarenceville Rectory P Q
Ship Subsidy Trust
Vier Nthige Anmerkungen Zu Der Staatsschrift Welche Neulich Unter Der Ueberschrift Was Fr Maasregeln Hat Wohl Die Reichsritterschaft in Franken Und Schwaben Jetzt Zu Ergreifen
Minutes of the Thirteenth Annual Session of the Tuskegee Baptist Association Held with the Cubahatchee Baptist Church Macon County ALA From the 17th to the 20th of Sept 1858
Treaty of Peace Signed at Brest-Litovsk Between the Central Powers and the Ukrainian Peoples Republic Together with the Supplementary Treaty Thereto
Island Folk Songs
The Liberty Bell Independence Hall Philadelphia A Complete Record of All the Great Events Announced by the Ringing of the Bell from 1753 to 1835
Balm an Extendable List-Processing Language
The Inverse Laplace Transform of an Exponential Function
Axen Und Ebenen Des Krpers Die
Official Register of Directors and Officers of the Union Pacific Railroad Company and the Union Pacific Railway Company 1863-1889
Catalogue of Ancient and Modern Pictures Water-Colour Drawings and Engravings Including the Collection of John Robinson Esq Deceased Late of Mount Fallings Lancashire A Small Collection of Modern Pictures the Property of a Gentleman Engravings
Wordeater 1974 Vol 10
Address of His Honor John S Sleeper Mayor of Roxbury to the Police Officers and Watchmen of the City May 1858
An Appeal to the People of Maryland By the Visitors and Governors of St Johns College Annapolis August 1st 1868
An Address Delivered Before the Massachusetts Horticultural Society On the Celebration of Their First Anniversary September 19 1829
Report of the Committee on the Library Showing in Detail the Unexpended Balance to the Credit of the Fund for the Augmentation of the Library 1876 In Accordance with the Act of 1874 Chapter 332
Report on the Financial Condition of the California Development Company and Its Subsidiary Company La Sociedad de Riego y Terrenos de la Baja California S An on November 1 1906
Minutes of the Thirty-Seventh Annual Session of the Judson Baptist Association Held with Bethel Baptist Church Barbour Co ALA October 2nd 3rd and 4th 1887
The Obligations of Christianity and Civilization to the Heathen A Sermon Preached in St Peters Church Eaton Square During the Session of the Lambeth Conference July 1878
Review of the Report of the Senate Committee on the Returns of the Seventh Census
Descriptions of Occupations Cane-Sugar Refining Flour Milling
The Shan Van Vocht Vol 3 7th March 1898
Minutes of the Thirty-Third Session of the Bethlehem Baptist Association Held at Bellville Conecuh County ALA September 22-25 1849
The Boston Public Library Annual Report For the Year Ending June 30 1995
The Marquis de Morante His Library and Its Catalogue
Waterflow Through a Salmon Spawning Riffle in Southeastern Alaska
Report of the State Board of Land Commissioners For 1891
The Old South Historical Work
Les Doctrinaires Et Les Communistes Dans La Suisse Romande Petit Memoire Adresse Aux Hommes DEtat Et Aux Honnetes Gens de la Suisse Et de LAllemagne
History Spray Methodist Episcopal Church South Spray N C 1901-1934
Gedanken Ber Den Militrischen Geist
Landeskirchlichen Ordnungen Der Preussischen Ostprovinzen in Kirchenjahr Hauptgottesdienst Und Verfassung Die Aus Der Schule Fr Die Schule
Minutes of the Eightieth Annual Session of the Cahaba Baptist Association Held with Fellowship Church Perry County Alabama October 12th and 13th 1898
Prison de Jeanne Darc a Rouen La
Rules and Regulations Governing Maternity Hospitals and Homes
Message from the President of the United States Transmitting in Response to Resolution of February 6 Correspondence Relating to the Conduct of Commander Reiter in Connection with the Killing of General Barrundia
The English Association Pamphlet No 50 The Light Reading of Our Ancestors
The North American Species of Coelambus
Commercial Feeding Stuffs in the Connecticut Market
de LArbitrage En Droit Romain Et En Droit Franais Thse Pour Le Doctorat LActe Public Sur Les Matires CI-Dessus Sera Soutenu Le Mardi 13 Avril 1886 MIDI
Minutes of the Fortieth Anniversary of the Bigbee Baptist Association Held with Cuba Baptist Church Cuba Station Alabama September 8 9 and 10 1892
Catalogue of the Exhibition of Paintings by Sarah Ball Dodson December 16th to 29th 1911
First Annual Meeting of the Yuga County Historical Society With Constitution and By-Laws February 12 1878
Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Augusta College for the Year Commencing October 24 1842 August 1843
Annual Reports of the Selectmen Treasurer Highway Agents and Board of Education of the Town of So Hampton N H for the Year Ending February 15 1910 Together with the Vital Statistics for the Year 1909 as Prepared by the Town Clerk
The Poor Mans Friend in Indiana How the Barrel of Hon Wm H English Is Filled
Growing Cost of Elections in Chicago and Cook County
The Crest A High Grade Paper Outlook Along the Horizon of Your Purchase January 1927
Circular on Commercial Fertilizers March 1891 March 1892
General Condition of Fishery Labour in Japan
The General Stud Book Containing Pedigrees of Race Horses
Diari Della Citt Di Palermo Dal Secolo XVI Al XIX Vol 3
A History of the Royal Society of Arts
The Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria
A Critical and Exegetical Commentary on the Revelation of St John Volume 1
The Life and Career of Major John Andre Adjutant-General of the British Army in America
A History of the Fishes of the British Islands Volume Volume 4
A History of the Inquisition of the Middle Ages Volume 2
A Manual of Mystical Theology Or the Extraordinary Graces of the Supernatural Life Explained
The American Magazine of Art Volume 8
A Catalogue of the Manuscripts Preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge Volume 4
A History of the United States Volume 5
A History of Northumberland Volume 2
The History of Galloway from the Earliest Period to the Present Time Volume 1
The Insurance Cyclopaedia Volume 1
A History of the Gold Coast and Ashanti from the Earliest Times to the Commencement of the Twentieth of II Volume II
The Diary of a Russian Lady Reminiscences of Barbara Doukhovskoy (Ne Princesse Galitzine) with Two Portraits
The MP for Russia Reminiscences and Correspondence of Madame Olga Novikoff
The Browning Cyclopaedia A Guide to the Study of the Works of Robert Browning with Copious Explanatory Notes and References on All Difficult Passages
A History of the Town of Queensbury in the State of New York with Biographical Sketches of Many of Its Distinguished Men and Some Account of the Aborigines of Northern New York
A History of Saint Peters Church in the City of Albany
What Is the Comparative Physiological and Therapeutic Action of Free Phosphorus and the Hypophosphites An Assay to Which the Merrit H Cash Prize Was Awarded by the New York State Medical Society 1876
LAction Sociale Du FLibrige Confrence Faite Le 21 Aot 1897 Au Thtre DUssel
Riduzione Giornale a Moneta Fina Metallica Delle Cedole Ed Assegnati Relativamente Alleditto de 13 Decembre 1799 E Allaltro Susseguente de 19 Marzo 1800
Minutes of the Synod of South Carolina at Its Annual Sessions at Columbia S C November 2nd 3rd and 4th 1881
Educational Enquiry North Stonington May 1916
Eloge Historique de Pierre Benezech Conseiller DEtat Decede Prefet Colonial a Saint-Domingue Prononce a la Seance Publique de la Societe DAgriculture Du Departement de Seine Et Oise Dont Il Etait Membre Le 7 Messidor an 11
Minutes of the Twenty-First Annual Session of the Selma Association Held with Center Ridge Baptist Church Carlowville ALA July 15 and 16 1903
Eduardi Corsini Epistola de Burdigalensi Ausonii Consulatu
An Unofficial Interpretation of the War Aims of the United States
A Plea for Reform in the Church and Her Clergy More Especially in Reference to the System of Patronage and Promotion Therein by Which the Principle of Detur Digniori Would Be Duly Respected
The Pioneer of Simplified Spelling Vol 6 February 1918
Well Paved Streets Their Importance Economy Materials and Administration
Reading List Colonial New England
Replies to Articles in the Inquirer on the Subject of Manchester New College and University College London
General Gonzalez Ortega and His Nine Endorsers Versus the Mexican Republic and the Constitutional President of Its Unanimous Choice With an Appendix Containing Accompanying Documents
Peace with Dishonour A Speech Delivered in the House of Lords March 31st 1881 by the Right Hon Earl Cairns on the Arrangements Made by Her Majestys Government with the Boers in the Transvaal
Laws of North-Carolina at a General Assembly
Childs Life of Washington
Federal Protection of Migratory Birds
Geschichte Der Hohenstaufen Und Ihrer Zeit Volume 2
The Union School System And Nine Year Course of Training for the Rural Schools by Means of Co-Operative Work
Science on the March 4-5
Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York Volume 6
The Monthly Review
Neue Allgemeine Deutsche Bibliothek 1800 Des Fnfzigsten Bandes Erstes Stck Erstes Bis Viertes Heft
Brown Alumni Monthly Vol 45 January-February 1945
Documents of the Assembly of the State of New York Volume 8
Brown Alumni Monthly Vol 51 January 1951
Under Turquoise Skies
History and Historians in the Nineteenth Century
Allgemeine Naturgeschichte Fur Alle Stande Vol 3 Dritte Abtheilung Fruchtpflanzen
Archives GNrales de MDecine 1879 Vol 1 of 3
T LIVII Patavini Historiarum AB Urbe Condita Libri Qui Supersunt Omnes Vol 5 Pars Prior
The Latter-Day Saints Millennial Star Vol 66 July 7 1904

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